Revolutionary Features

  • NEW – Change Videos: Users can now edit Youtube and Vimeo videos.
  • Image Uploader: Clients can edit inline and background images. Xtreme Builder’s users can edit images by uploading their own images from the computer, or from other websites.
  • Layout Preview Feature: Clients can view how their layout would look in mobile, tablet and desktop size devices.
  • Load Multiple Styles: Give your clients a variety of style sheets to pick from. Make it Xtreme by giving your clients multiple multiple styles sheets with different fonts and colors.
  • Save and Load Layouts: Clients no longer have to complete their site in one sit-in. They can now save and load their work.
  • Pre-Designed Layouts: Designers can load pre-designed layouts for clients to load and edit.
  • Icon Generator: Clients can edits icons using the Xtreme Builder’s Icon Generator.
  • Create Single- and Multi- Page Sites

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