WordPress Plugin Maker can build a complete plugin code and also you can develop WordPress Plugin that customized features very quickly. like image size, custom post type or database, toolbox (metabox), admin bar (toolbar), shortcode and quicktags, plugin option, widget front-end/back-end, WP Ajax nopriv & auth, insert CSS, insert JS, Top level admin menu, tinymce plugin and other.

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Rev 17.07 (pre-release) - download here: http://ihsana.com/download/
- Fix html entities in metabox

Rev 17.02 (pre-release)  
- Add new feature REST-API menu

Rev 17.01.11
- Fix media upload and multi upload

Rev 16.12.17
- Add new feature taxonomies menu

Download Update:

The Basic Concept of How To Use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw4SS2K-6c4 Getting started http://ihsana.com/products/plugin-maker/docs/getting-started.htmlCode Explanation: http://ihsana.com/products/plugin-maker/docs/code.html#code_php

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