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Secure auth: Simple and easy login system is easy to install and also easy to manage with Admin panel feature.
Hassel free social connect [login/signup] gives script a extra performance. Combine multiple social account to one account. Script along with 3 user role with different access.
Most useful for non-developers or developers who are less familiar with code and security. Highly useful for those developers who wants a complete login system with massive user access control requirement. Only one line can secure your page from spammers/attackers.

Compatible : Compatible Php 5 and above

Online Documentation

Click here to see online documentation for how to install and all other helpful stuff

Why secure ?

  • Use prepared statements for database operation so – no SQL injection
  • Password encription – don’t worry if you don’t have https
  • Login attempts – prevent Brute force attack
  • CSRF,XSS Protection


Admin :
username :
password : admin123
Editor :
username :
password : editor123
User :
username :
password : user123


Main Features :

  • New: User group wise redirect option
    [i.e. Redirect all Editor group, User group to specific URL.]
  • New: Logout re Direct option
  • New: Email sending customization
  • New: User activation through email option available. Enable/Disble any time.



30/08/2015 - User activation through email option available. Enable/Disable any time.
30/08/2015 - 3.0 - Version updated
31/07/2015 - Social login redirect fixes.
31/07/2015 - Group wise redirect option on admin settings page.
17/07/2015 - 2.0 - Version updated
17/07/2015 - Facebook API Version v2.4 supported
17/07/2015 - User access bug fixes
17/07/2015 - Documentation updated with Video installation


  • New : Social connect [i.e. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter]
  • New : One account – Multisocial connect [Enable/Disable too]
  • Protect certain block of element feature
  • Most useful for non-developers too who are less familiar with code and security. Highly useful for those developers who wants a complete login system with massive user access control requirement.

User access features


  • New: User Signup
  • Single or Multi user system with full of access control
  • Access control by user groups too [i.e.admin, editor, user, public]
  • Profile Change
  • Change Password, Forgot Password email features
  • Display Last Login Date/Time feature

Admin Panel features

  • Create any number of users with its role and its management
  • All the config settings done through admin with out any core file change
  • New: Email customization like Subject, Body, Enable/Disable sending options
  • reCAPTCHA enable/disable option
  • SMTP/Simple mail option
  • User’s login log management
  • All the settings done through admin panel without any core file changes
  • & much more…