Sales agent management software (SAMS) is an software for calculating sales build with PHP, MySql (Codeigniter frameworks). SAMS works generaly three types of people such as Admin, Agent and User. Admin who can manage all things, creating Agent, user, take controll all over product and category. Admin also can manage all of order and invoice.

SAMS using ajax when fetching all of data from server, so page load only which data needs and depends your request , so application is so fast.

SAMS is ideal for Sales product base on commission, currently has four commission System.

Satisfied customers says about us

  1. Admin Commission
  2. Agent Commission
  3. User Commission and
  4. Referral Commission

Commission will add to your account every time when product will sell. Note: Commission can set from admin panel settings

Main Feature of SAMS

  • Category of product
  • Product, Sell
  • Invoice generate for every sales
  • Agent with indipendent dashboard
  • User with indipendent dashboard
  • Account statistics
  • Invoice PDF Generator
  • Payment Request to admin
  • Native Payment Method: Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, Bank Transfer
  • Email receive for every important activity
  • Application settings
  • Every person profile
  • Every person activity
  • Every person log
  • Set commission from Settings panel
  • Tracking your user or agent their every action. like facebook activity
  • Tracking your user or agent their login log
  • Light weight, only 3.5 MB zip package with well documentation


Power by

Codeigniter v.3 (php framework)

Bootstrap v.3x (css framework)


user name:
pass: 123456

user name:
pass: 123456

user name:
pass: 123456

Read online docs

If you need customized version, please contact with us with envato profile.