Password Keeper is an amazing tool, which helps store your notes and passwords to keep you organized. Password Keeper stores your notes and passwords in an encrypted way and also it helps you to generate new passwords every time you need.

We craft a responsive design, therefore accessible from any device. We have included multiple languages and beautiful themes so that you can make it more personal.

Your passwords will be encrypted before storage using two different keys – key and phrase – provided at login which will not be saved anywhere. This method ensures that your data will be accessible only to you. It uses MySQL for storage and has a MVC structure .

Password Keeper can be used by individuals and by small groups of users. We have also included account requests which simulates a minimal SaaS (Software as a Service) behavior, which is targeted to help manage the group.

Keywords: bootstrap, strong encryption, mysql, password, php

View a demo

Password: admin
Key: admin
Encrypt: admin

Simple user
Password: user
Key: user
Encrypt: user


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Important notes

We recommend the usage of the webserver Apache, due to the script relying on .htaccess files