Octopus is a rapid website admin panel. It allows you to turn a MySQL database into a beautiful and user-friendly online application.

Octopus IS NOT a script like phpmyadmin. You CANNOT execute any sql commands in it. Octopus also NOT a PHP class.

Developers who developing unique websites with unique databases.It’s live and fast. Save your time with Octopus.

  1. Create your own database
  2. Setup database connection to Octopus
  3. Start building your website panel

System powered by AdminLTE v2.3.0 and ezSQL.

Demo Area SuperUser Login

username : superuser

password : 123321

Demo Area Normal User Login

username : normaluser

password : 123321

NOTE: Normal Users only allowed to insert,delete,update data.They can not edit fields

With Octopus you can create a website admin panel in 20 minutes!

Enum Field Management

Get Data to a Field From Another or Existing Table

Create Your Own Masked Fields in Seconds!

Map Field Support

Generate Slug From Another Field Automaticly

Required Field Support From Database

Upload Support with Mime Control and Size Control

[NEW]User Table Restriction

Date : 09-06-2016
Version : 1.3


- Google Captcha added to login, add data, remove data , edit data and insert data.
- You can manage Google Captcha from settings.php
- Logging added. You can reach to logs from right corner by pressing warning sign
- Logging multi language support added.
- Get all external libraries to local.
- Demo content codes are deleted.

Date : 17-01-2016
Version : 1.2


- Fixed timestamp field. You can add 2 types of timestamp. One of them Unix format , the other one is Y-m-d H:i:s format
- Fixed ckeditor add image in it.
- Fixed linked field , make selected default value of field
- Fixed linked field order by issue.
- Added permissions to users (only for table access)
- Changes default SQL file.Added restrictions field to octo_users.Added 1 script to octo_scripts table
- Bug fixed at session, TOO_MANY_REDIRECTIONS error.

Date : 29-12-2015
Version : 1.1


- Bug fixed at adding record datatype datetime,date,time.
- Bug fixed at editing record datatype datetime,date,time.
- Bug fixed at login. Infinite loop redirect.
- Bug fixed adding enum field label.
- Remove octo_relations table from SQL. No need to this table.