• Description:

    Create your own MP3 conversion site easily with our flagship software:

    • Downloads & converts content from up to 10 of the most popular video/audio hosting sites in the world
    • One FREE site module (your choice) is included with your purchase
    • Outputs converted files to MP3 audio format
    • Displays download AND conversion progress via corresponding progress bars
    • Leverages the power of FFmpeg to create crisp, clean, quality conversions of video files
    • Features a completely “responsive” default design (leveraging the Bootstrap framework) to provide optimal viewing for ALL device types and sizes
    • Provides the ability to easily incorporate static pages (e.g., About, FAQ, and Contact pages) as well as rudimentary “templating” support via common header/footer files
    • Includes a “config check” utility to facilitate the software’s installation and help resolve any issues with the server configuration
    • Programmed entirely in easy-to-read PHP OOP (Object Oriented Programming), JavaScript/jQuery, and CSS to facilitate effortless editing/customization of code

    This software requires the following server configuration:

    • Linux, Windows, or XAMPP/WAMP server
    • For commercial servers: Shared, Dedicated, and VPS hosting supported
    • Apache or IIS
    • PHP 5.3+
    • cURL and PHP cURL extension enabled
    • ffmpeg.exe (executable file, included in software distribution) for Windows & XAMPP/WAMP; FFmpeg and libmp3lame packages installed on Linux
    • That’s it!


    • 100% Free support for the life of the product
    • Regular updates/fixes to the software are FREE!
    • Full range of support options are available at: https://demo.mybeatz.org/docs