E-Torial is an tutorials driven system copy of Udemy.

All users can be authors and students with one profile. They are able to buy and create courses.

Admin Panel

Can be accessed on http://e-torial.microdesign-web.com/administrator

email: admin@admin.com

password: 1234

All key features:

  • Upload or embed courses videos
  • Interactive courses uploads
  • Courses listings with filters
  • Rating of courses and authors
  • Full admin of the website
  • PayPal payments
  • Comments on courses
  • Free and Paid Courses
  • Social logins
  • Responsive design
  • Bootstrap design
  • Pages management
  • Banner ads
  • Feedback and contact form
  • Cache user variables until changes, so no database queries are executed
  • Auto generated XML sitemap for google