HotelCMS with Booking Engine design to perform extensive complex reservation system in graphical interface. Simple. Smart. Stunning.
Hotel website & automation platform delivered as php codeigniter that helps booking management across end user, hotelier and tourism industry.

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End-to-end booking system

Most powerful and still simple hotel system for end-to-end property reservation automation.

Functionality that suits hotels, apartments, hostels, guest houses

No matter if you selling rooms or beds, HotelCMS have right tools for you to sell everything in one place.

Powerful Global Configuration

You don’t have to be a Programmer. Our configuration tools allow you to do complex job with simple feature.

Smart Booking Cancellation

Its save lots of time for Hotel manager booking cancellation feature closely tie with Hotel Terms and conditions.

Tax Management System

Add your tax with your booking cart. Allow you to manage unlimited tax with wide range of feature and conditions

Support Multilingual

Powerful multilingual tools allow you to translate all available language.


Linux, Apache, MYSQL and PHP. A solution stack of free, open source software, originally coined from the first letters of Linux.

Open source hotel system allow you run everything from your server.

White label system, allow you to host everything in your server including files and database.

Bootstrap Framework

We used for combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript code to build user interface.

Unlimited Room Types And Hotel Facilities

Create your room types and facilities.Its help each hotel admin to manage there room with types and select associate facility for hotels.


Latest and Greatest Technology. We use HTML 5 and CSS 3 to build user interface using BootStrap framework.

Super Easy Checkout

Super Simple Booking Process. Don’t ask 100’s of question or registration during booking, its does automatically behind the screen

Built-in Currency Api

Instant Price Conversation Tools. HotelCMS can convert any price in any currency.

PayPal Ready

Receive payment online during booking. PayPal or you can use any Custom payment gateway too.

Techicial Information

  • PHP 5.5
  • Codeigniter 3.0.1
  • MySQL 5.6
  • jQuery 1.10
  • Bootstrap 3.0
2017/06/17 - Update New Version
2015/10/05 - Update Frontend Theme Template
2015/09/10 - Update JavaScript API