Pre-Loader is a software, builds in HTML, CSS, JavaScript – Ajax and PHP. It uses jQuery.js and oXHR.js.

It is composed by two main pages, client part and server part. This software enabled you to displays a graphic loader for your web page. The source code of your web page is loaded in background. The client page displays graphically the status, file size and progress of the background downloading.

Fits all devices


  • Source code protected, the source code does not appears on the “view source” of the web browser.
  • Fast, get the source code of the web page you want more faster.
  • Discreet, the source code is downloaded in background and forced, there is no caching.
  • Customizable, choose your favorite Preloader template among the 7 already existing.
  • Fits all platforms, works on every devices.
  • Total control, be informed of the server status about the size and the progress thanks to the graphic loader in real time.


Discover the templates of loaders :

  • Bar : Simple loader bar.
  • Canvas : Graphic geometry.
  • Circular : Simple circular loader.
  • Console : Simple display, detailed information.
  • Expansion : Advanced graphic multiple circular loader.
  • Multiple : Multiple circular loader.
  • Step : Step by Step display status.
  • Text : Advanced text animation.



Images by Freepic :