What is Feedie?

Feedie is a PHP Class which simplifies the process of fetching, displaying RSS feeds. This class can be used in any project in which it requires to fetch the feed. Please view the features below.


  • You can parse almost any RSS Feed, let it be RSS version 1 or RSS version 2
  • Doesn’t require cURL (it’s optional, you can switch it to TRUE or FALSE anytime)
  • Supports all versions of RSS Feed, including 1 and 2
  • Built in OOP, we are also following PEAR Coding standards
  • Inbuilt method which helps to determine the feed version
  • Inbuilt method which helps to count number of fetching feed/posts
  • You can also set that how many post/feeds you have to fetch, by default it fetches all.
  • Comes with 2 examples which helps to understand the class
  • Also has an documentation which helps to understand it more properly
  • Easy to use, you can extent it whenever you feel so
  • Free support and free updates

This class support RSS feed from a a blogs feed. It can be of any version!

How to use:

require_once 'class.feedie.php';
$feed = new Feedie('feeds.feedburner.com/techcrunch');
$entry = $feed->parse_feed('all');
Note: We have added 2 examples and a documentation which will surely make everything easy.


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For support you can comment on the product page or you can message me. I’ll try my best to answer you ASAP!