CSGO Stats PRO it was created to help CS:GO Players all over the world. You can’t see your statistics in game. That’s what i made possible ! This script shows your General StatsWeapons and Maps Statistics and Dynamic Banners (customizable) with details about your performance.

What’s new in CSGO Stats PRO ?

CSGO Stats PRO has an improved and optimized code for each webhost. Also, it’s all write with cURL for fast response time. Most of the code has been edited or rewrote. Now users can see their General Statistics in a better design. Moreover, you can see Games List (only if you log in with Steam), Achievements ProgressMaps and Weapons with Sort by function.Last but not least function is “Dynamic Banners” – you can generate your dynamic banners which contains statistics like: Last Match Favorite Weapon, K/D Ratio, Hours Played, Win Ratio (%) and even rankYES, you can set your rank in banner.



  • .htaccess
  • PHP 4.x or newer
  • cURL
Version 1.3:
-> Fixed names of few weapons
-> If you have a custom link, we use custom link too, not your steamID
-> Fixed and removed few minor things and now website is a little faster
Version 1.2:
-> I removed Inventory (problem with loading)
-> Changed front-design
-> Added more backgrounds for banners (Teams Edition)
-> You can change your color for everything
-> HOT! XP Ranks are available !
Version 1.1: 
-> I changed from cURL_multi_exec() to simple cURL
-> Small bug Achivements fixed
-> Fixed <tt> from dynamic banner code
-> Added min. and max. characters to email function
-> Added a notification if user has VAC Ban
Version 1.0: RELEASE

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