CS:GO Stats is a simple PHP script that reads data from Valve and then displays them in a unique and attractive design. Moreover, everything happens within 5 seconds. The script displays data about kills, weapons or maps.


  • PHP
  • cURL ( for query )
  • Rewrite access (.htaccess)


Demo Banners:

Version 1.3.1 (FINAL):

Rewrite code for search
Added number_format function to alll number stats

Version 1.3:

- New Design
- Now you can Steam to get your details
- Details via customURL/SteamID/OpenID(Steam)

Version 1.2:

- Added VK share button and fixed facebook share button
- Re-Design website and added background;
- Re-Design signature page style;
- Fixed and rewrite a part of code;
- Added "Go To Top" button;

Version 1.1:

- Added banner;
- Added share buttons;
- Fixed 2 minor bugs;

Version 1.0: