This is a responsive Codeigniter User Management & Community/Social With Chat (AJAX). You can use it like blog or like community for any themes. For fast review please look at video preview and screenshots or you can try it on


Admin login: admin
Admin password: admin

User login: user
User password: user

In live demo you can’t delete admin or user.


  1. Resume:
    1. Login
    2. Registration
    3. Email confirmation
    4. Reset password
    5. Password encryption
    6. Blog
    7. Chat
  2. Admin Zone:
    1. Dashboard with charts
    2. Full users management (add, edit, delete) with any info editing
    3. Extra users fields (select, input, textarea, etc.). It can be used like filter in search
    4. Settings of website
    5. CSV export
  3. User Zone (Fully Ajax):
    1. Change avatar
    2. Change background image
    3. Ajax images upload
    4. OpenGraph tags to content converter
    5. Polls
    6. Likes, Dislikes
    8. Wall posts
    9. Subscriptions
    10. User Follows
    11. Chat
    12. Online status check
    13. Extra fields for more info about you


How to install

  1. Upload all files using ftp
  2. Edit config database file
  3. Import sql file to your database
  4. Done


Please contact me, if any questions ( I approved the technical support to remove bugs within 2 days after your comments.

P. S. music in video preview: