CodeIgniter – Business Data Management System

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SBMSX is built using the latest CodeIgniter version. Store all of your business data for easy retrieval and tracking including your Products, Employees, Clients and Users. Manage all from one simple yet powerful admin system. Get it today!

Demo Login Information

DemoClick here to try me.

  1. Admin manager username: superadmin
  2. Product manager username: robt
  3. HR manager username: amyp
  4. Staff manager username: marham

Password for all: password
Note: All storage to the database has been disabled for this demo however the SBMSX can still simulate success messages when forms are submitted.

Updates & News

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Modules included are: Product Module, User Module, Employee Module, Client Module and Company Module. Each module has it’s own set of components so check out the live demo.

Product Barcode and Label Generator.

The Product, Client and Employee Module: Add, Edit, View and Import Data. The User Module: User Management System – Add, Edit and View Users. The Company Module: Add and Edit details about your company. Other features: file uploading, excel data import and summary on the dashboard.

Security Features: login system uses captcha, PASSWORD_BCRYPT hashing + Salt for safe and secure login to the system, CSRF Cross-Site Request Forgery is implemented on all forms and all functions used in the program are sanitized. Other security features are in the documentation. Safe for online use.

Login Page

The Dashboard

Other Features

  • Manage Employees, Products, Clients and Users with easy to use forms and data retrieval
  • Codeigniter Framework
  • Full-Width Layout
  • 100% Responsive
  • Mobile View
  • View, Edit or Delete Options
  • Import data from excel sheets
  • Strong online security setup
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Table structure for data viewing
  • Upload Photos
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Detailed Documentation
  • and much more