Demo video

Backend is always the most terrible nightmare with developer. A lot of tables, forms and take away our time and effort.

Why we have to waste our energy again?

We proud to introduce a powerful library named Backend Builder. Yes, his name is already everything that he does. Build an backend in couple mins.

What are his abilities?

  • Easy to deploy
  • Build-it-yourself table and form, which take under 1 mins to create a table and a form.
  • Compatible with all php framework. Yes, exactly. Magical, right?. we work with the database only, so no matter what framework you use, just connect us with your database, and it will be done
  • Super light. And small footprint too.
  • Default pagination, search, sort
  • Inline edit
  • Ajax loading form and table
  • Smart action / mass action
  • Native Responsive
  • Support via email.

Admin site demo:

Account: admin / admin

Backend (result) site demo:

Account: admin / admin